♔ SOTR Chapters 300 ♔

Oh. my. gosh. It’s chapter 300

Edited by: Deyna

I believe I started translating SOTR a little under a year ago, and now here we are, chapter 300 in roughly mid November. How far we’ve come! And how much further we’ll go. 🙂

This chapter is in honor of angerthosenear, the amazing CSS wizard who has been helping me with bits and pieces on my site and who will be giving it a facelift in the near future. And shout out to all my lovely tech friends as well, Broosk and Yn5an3 (especially for fixing my mess of a chapter when I was sick… 😀 ). Y’all literally keep our online worlds running whilst I run around like a headless chicken. 😀

All unedited chapters from the race have been edited and reuploaded!

<3 etvo

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  1. 300 chapters already! Congratulations! I started reading this 1.5 months ago and fell in love with the story instantly and binge read it all in a week. Then you brought up your other novel and I started it as part of the race. I don’t think I stopped reading it at all during my waking hours this weekend! You’re the best etvo and thank you for all the hard work you do!


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