♔ SOTR Chapter 97!

3/3 regular chapter of the week!

Edited by: Studmonster and Premonition

Please give a warm welcome to Premonition joining the editor team! He is one of the current translators of “My Wife is a Beautiful CEO”. He also plays a lot of DOTA 2, please leave him a warm welcome in the comments please!

I have finally found two good playlists on Apple Music in my ever searching quest for translator focus and nirvana. The one I’ve been listening to all day is “Pop songs from ’00”. Granted, I think they were a bit flexible with that definition since “This Love – Maroon 5” is playing right now, but man, I have to say they wrote some good music back then. I was jamming to “Where is the Love”, “Crazy in Love”, and “Poker Face”, but also getting distracted by incredibly trashy TV shows… A friend introduced me “Ultra Rich Girls in Vancouver” or something like that, and it’s been a train wreck that I keep watching… -_______-

One of these days, I should share some more wholesome things from my day to day life lol.

<3 etvo

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