♔ SOTR Chapter 94!

Every now and then… I like to kick in a reader appreciation chapter when we reach certain milestones. Sometimes it’s number of reviews, other times it’s rankings. This time, it’s because a kind reader has let me know that SOTR is apparently being translated into Turkish and Russian as well! And least one of them seems to be basing their translations off of mine, so O_O. Oh my!

This is so exciting and very humbling at the same time. Good thing I’m TLCing all my chapters after I finish translating! And why is this a reader appreciation chapter? Because you guys read and comment here, on Reddit, on NUF, and other blogs and forums that I’ve been surprised to see mention of SOTR when I drop in every now and then. Thank you for your support and love of the series, you guys rock!

And doesn’t this story rock? So much kudos to the author! Xoxo Plow Days! 😀

PS. Love the lively discussions on Reddit regarding whether or not Eastern Lu is a good ruler. I love reading comments!

<3 etvo

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  1. can i ask for permission lord etvolare? if some time i translate this too in filipino? because i would really like to see the reactions of my fellow filipinos if they read the firdt chapter in filipino! Just gonna try it and watch if it would work out 😉

    anyways, thanks for the chapter and pardon my terrible grammar!!

    1. No offense but, English is the second mother tongue of the Filipino’s if I’m not mistaken… I know where you are going but I think it’ll be somewhat useless to do that. I know I don’t have any say in this but it won’t really be beneficial in some other way to translate it in Filipino, where in it’ll be almost the same as reading it in English. I think right now the best thing to do is to promote the site and the novel itself for the better outcome. I’m just popping up some opinions and suggestions. Please don’t take it too seriously and if you think about it, both of us are only thinking about the betterment of the site and the people in it. :3

      1. As far as i know, there’s just some English words that can’t be expressed in filipono language like, we don’t have appropriate word for television, Camera,and digital, so we had to use words as Telebisyon, Kamera, and didgetal. but if we really convert some words into filipino like Saber and arrows, then it would be Balisong ang Palaso. So i don’t think Translating it into Filipino would turn out useless. anyways, thanks for the opinion sir 😉 It’s just that i’m getting envious because of some language being too popular so people translate it to their own language.

        Once again, i’m not too used into expressing my own thought into english because it’s not my native language. and thanks for pointing it. but if i have some time, i’ll try translating it in filipino and see if it works out. but if not, then so be it. just one chapter anyways.

          1. Honestly, i’m not really looking for fame. there’s just this certain thug friend that would tease me about being a bookworm everytime we met and i really want him to know just how i felt when i first read it. it sounds so lame but i’m really a Novel-fanatic and i’m passionate and proud about it. i want to translate the chapter 1 ans see it it turns out to be okay.

  2. Eastern Luo is a terrible leader. A good leader would not have let things progress to this stage. A good leader definitely would not have let his 4 largest faction form a colluding opposing force. Hopes elder gramps kicks him to the curb. All hail the Queen.

    1. the problem here was that Eastern Lu is in the light, wherein the Duke of SD was moving in dark. The duke of SD has two Genius children, and one of them caught the attention of a powerful sect. Eastern Lu doesn’t have any trump card and can’t showdown with them in terms of firmness. And considering the fact that the Duke was yet to rise, there would surely many other dukes who would support him. firstly because their deeds would be meritorous once the SD ascended the throne. and by siding with the Royal family, they would not gain that much appreciation since it was naturally right thing to do, meaning they really should side with him because he was the king. and Eastern Lu could not do any despicable and dirty works, especially that they should have been known to serve justice.

  3. great scott !! – 😀 – thank you for this chapter its a great one and it completely prepares the stage for the next chapter, id love to read more.

    on another note – eastern lu is a wuss of leader – he already noticed that the long family had already begun to amass forces for a coup yet he did not do anything to stop it from happening –

  4. how can anyone think that Eastern is a good king? his reaction to losing his strongest pawn and having his strongest duke rebel have been “meh, lets wait it out”, which, incidentally, seems to pretty much have been his main strategy when there was only the strongest duke rebelling…

    sure, MC was a great pawn to suppress dragon dude, but really, lay all but the wait and see egg in one basket in a competition where you expect multiple deaths? dude…

  5. SOTR have become my favourite story from first few chapters. Very anti-mainstream and different from most xianxia I read. The story is not all about the MC’s strength and cultivation but also politics and schemes.. What’s best is the MC Conquers, not massacre.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  6. hi
    my first comment after i start reading light novels.. just curious could you share the site link which is translating sotr to turkish? btw thank you and thanks everyone who works wuxiaworld to open new dimensions by hardworking 🙂

  7. The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.
    Dear Friends, many thanks to the Author, Translator(s), (Editors), (Donors) for the awesome chapter! With lots of love, Jack
    Provisionary Outer Sect Disciple of the Aureate Sect, Jack~

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