♔ SOTR Chapter 89!

Regular chapter 2/3 for the week!

Edited by: Guest editor Jafz! Thank you so much Jafz for hopping onto this chapter. You are ace! By the way, if anyone ever desires to edit or TLC for SOTR, there is a contact form on my site that you can use to reach me.

And I er, bring to you guys a message from the Aureate Sect. They nabbed first on the chapter yesterday! 😀

Aureate – The Flowery Scripture
If life is a bodhi tree, then Aureate plants its roots down in the six realms and stems beyond into nirvana. If life is like a mirror, then Aureate is the vessel to reflect enlightenment. Like the actions of the Perceiver of all the World’s Sounds, Guanyin, if those who have been defiled are to listen and single-mindedly call our name, then at once we will hear them and they will all gain deliverance from their trials.
Like a thousand hands and a thousand eyes, the petals of the Aureate will manifest themselves into expedient bodies to preach the Law [Dao] for the ignorant to allow them to ascend to the 4 Holy Realms.

<3 etvo

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  1. For the Glory of Aureate.

    Greetings Mistress Etvo.

    Our flower girl is sick but the love of Aureate still lives.

    Those who seek the dao of aureate follow me.

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