♔ SOTR Chapter 88!

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Edited by: Kidyeon

This chapter is brought to us courtesy of Ricardas B. of Lithuania, Artur N. of Brazil, Tamashii of (temporarily 🙂 ) Japan, James H. of WA, USA. Thank you all generous folks so very much! Please join me in thanking them!

I for one greatly admire Deathblade’s decision, and many times want to take up full time translating as well. I guess folks who have worked a few years tend to really appreciate working a job that I’m good at and passionate about. Those are so few and far in between! It’s wonderful having a job that’s flexible, being more or less your own boss, and loving what you do to boot. Unfortunately, I know my family will have my hide if I do so. I’m currently unemployed due to recently moving back to Taiwan (thus have been able to go ham on the release schedule!) and have been able to treat translating as a full time job because I have so much free time, but I’m still going out for interviews. >\\<

<3 etvo

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  1. Become rich, then you’ll have more time to translate stuff!

    Okay that’s too farfetched, but hope you guys can find balance that you’ll be comfortable

  2. best of luck pal!
    thank you Ricardas B. of Lithuania, Artur N. of Brazil, Tamashii of (temporarily 🙂 ) Japan, James H. of WA, USA
    thanks guys

  3. My humble opinion about working as translator: I guess you can make a patreon account and try to get an acceptable amount money. Next step would be making a portfolio about this stuff and using it as reference. But I don’t know your profession, so it’s kinda useless what I say. Obviously it would only work if you work somewhere where you use your language skills.

    Thanks for your hard work. And thanks to all sponsors and people working behind the scenes.

  4. Is the translation rate is too low for you to seriously consider this a job? Or is your speed not high enough to get a living wage for 40~60 hrs of work per week? If both of those are false – just show your family your bank book and prove that you HAVE a job! Getting paid = having a job. (What other definition is there?)

    If its simply the fact this novel not attracting sufficient sponsorship dollars – why not start a SECOND translation series? Collect money on both? Or sign up for chapters on ATG – they seem to always have more sponsors then translators.

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