♔ SOTR Chapter 84!

Hello all, etvo here. It’s looking like a lot of people enjoyed Kidyeon’s April Fool’s — just remember him going, “etvo, chapter’s going up later. I’m still translating.” Me, “Uh huh.” …TRANSLATING?! Lol. That was a Herculean amount of effort though, not sure if he wants to do anything similar again next year. 😀

But I do have to apologize, I hadn’t thought about mobile users and how difficult it’d be for you guys to highlight the entire chapter. Plus a few of you seemed to use quite a bit of data trying to decipher the TNC joke. So this chapter’s in honor of you, mobile users!

Back to our regular posting shenanigans, and I think at least one of my editors has permanently rolled their eyes at me for the joke I sprung on them.

“Happy April Fool’s! You’re not getting any pay for March! HEHEHEHE. Happy happy!”

“…wait. etvo. That’s a joke right? I mean, right?”

<3 etvo

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  1. Actually i’m a mobile user (tablet for the specific device) and yesterday i was like… “oh shit, i better wait for the real chapter instead.” lol, too much work to highlight them numbers and i don’t feel like doing it. Well thanks to that i’ll be having 2 chapters to read for today so not everything is bad. Haha cheers!

  2. Thank you for the new chapter! I do appreciate your translations.

    At first I thought the MC is cool he knows where he’s going and how to get there! but now we come to where the MC is WEEK yet again and all the things he has trained in it for not. /Sigh…. I guess I will throw this to the side and read it every few months like what happened in ATG were they killed the the MC ohh look he got better. Or how TDG the main villain looses his legs, arms and head but look he got better… and now the MC is doing stupid things as well /Sigh…. I have my problems with BTTH as well with time warping and the MC losing intelligence he had at the start of the story.

    Sorry about the depressing rant. With the joke for April 1st I was ready to find another site for my translations it didn’t come up on my mobile to well so I didn’t realize it till I checked my home computer. This website is a little brightness in my life for a while I thought Died!

    Thx again for the translations.

  3. wait. etvo u meanie!! no cookies or milk for you!!

    ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    囧Thank you for the chapter囧
    ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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