♔ SOTR Chapter 83! The Non-april fools.

Okay, so for the people who weren’t willing to scroll down, if you clicked the first redirect, it went to CCM, with Taffy, and if you went down to the bottom of that page, it had a link to the real chapter.

So here’s the real chapter for all you people who can’t scroll >_>

And excuse me for being a little bit sad that we aren’t allowed to do a little joke without getting SMASHED BY READERS.  We will translate and edit for how much of the year, give you all things to read for how much of the year?  So, one day, during which you can just choose to not read on (or can choose to just have fun with!) is hopefully our day to just have fun!


67 thoughts on “♔ SOTR Chapter 83! The Non-april fools.” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. sorry, borrowing your first post =P

      I guess there was a fundamental problem with how certain jokes go.

      well, the best april fools feeling would be

      ‘oh damn i got tricked, haha that was dumb of me, then now its time continue on with my life’

      but the rest are kinda bad, and will garner negativity.

      look at RWX’s site prank. It only lasted a moment, after you refresh the page, it disappeared and everyone was ‘haha knew it was an april fools thing’ and go on with their lives.

      look at deathblade’s issth prank. I actually thought it was a proper chapter, and was like ‘wtf’ until i read the comments. then i was like haha.

      The problem with your jokes is that you are making people think, and do stuff. People are generally lazy, they want their candy tossed straight into their hands. They don’t like it when their candy is hidden behind the sofa, and that you have to search the whole house in order to eat the candy.

      There might be some that would not mind spending a bit of their time solving the riddles but the majority just wants their fix and get on with their lives.

      And Its majorly hard to do these riddles when reading on the mobile.

      1. my problem with that joke was that it was 3am here… i like the series that much that i put alarm clock at 3am just to wake up to read it and go back to sleep, than the next thing i know is all those numbers…

        just upsetting to wait another day, and the worst part was that it was in front of my eyes in shape of numbers…

        but at least i scrolled down to see comments, it saved me from that nightmare….

      2. How hard or time consuming is it to scroll down and click on a couple of links? I read on mobile myself and figured it out pretty quickly. Sure, the links are at the bottom of the posts, but they aren’t exactly hidden. People who couldn’t find them were stumped by their own laziness.

      3. This prank also made me go hahahahah

        Because of people like you. A prank is a prank. You must have boring friends, if a lil intelligent prank makes you mad

    2. I’ll have to trouble you to let me borrow your post for a min

      It was a really good prank
      i don’t think it was too hard
      i’d say the one for GDK was harder, well unless you actually went and decoded the numbers

      i actually thought the numbers we’re the prank so when i clicked on the link i could only say
      “I’ve been had….”

      well it was a pretty good prank non the less
      maybe put 2 links for people who want to see the prank and those who don’t

        1. You had every right to be mad at those leeches, who don’t have any rights to complain. I’d also be sad if I wanted to amuse people and met huge wave of haters. On the other hand… if it made some people mad, and lots of people laugh their asses off seeing those mad haters, I guess it was a good prank, right?

        2. dude forget it man, some people are like sitting on a bunsen burner and will ignite at the any pretext, they can’t go on without reading for a single damn day and it is not even a joke that will kill a person and yet they swear at you
          don’t pay any mind to them, though the prank might have been too heavy for these flaming readers!
          but well, thank you ^^

  1. Don’t mind the haters. It was a little annoying but was a good one

    And waaah I found the link but didn’t think to scroll down on ccm.

    But I did use a decoder to decide all the numbers to read it

  2. Don’t worry about them, the same thing happened when the translator of Child of Light did some minor puzzles for Chinese New Year. Lots of negative comments. But, keep in mind that people tend to publicize negative events and keep positive events to themselves. So for every 3 people you have whining, you have at least that many people laughing 🙂

    Edit: Also, it was an extremely basic substitution cipher. It wasn’t even encoded or translated into Spanish. Stop complaining, at least the correct links were provided.

    1. I think that the COL incident was more due to the timing of the puzzles. For the translator, it was Chinese New Year, but for most of the readers, it was just a normal day like any other. If the translator had done those minor puzzles on April Fool’s Day, there probably would’ve been a much different reaction.

      EDIT: I’m also trying to say I think the people complaining about this prank are not thinking properly before reacting. April Fool’s Day is literally THE day to prank people.

      1. Plus, it didn’t help that the COL team was uploading stuff remotely and had little direct access to the site. I enjoyed the experience, but it could he been managed better.

  3. I appreciate all the work the translators put in. It was a good prank, i even fell for both. Did not see the correct link though, oops. Still this prank introduced me to a new novel, so thank you.

  4. Don’t be sad, the readers that talk shit are lazy ass fools who don’t appreciate what you do for us just ignore them.
    I liked what you did today it was interesting.

  5. First of all, you should ignore anyone that cant take a joke on april, they are people that dont deserve the benefit of another’s mans work.

    Thanks for the chapters, and that latest version was something new 😀

  6. I tried using the link in the post and when I got to the CCM page I just got confused, so I copied the crypted chapter and used find > replace, took me some time, but at the end I had the chapter.
    I’m actually surprised by all the negativity in the other post, when people even create accounts to bash on you.

  7. I thought it was funny and fun, and very creative. I like well thought out jokes and pranks, even if I get a Lil’ mad at them sometimes, I do appreciate them. I especially liked how it was a mutli-layered prank, KUDOS!
    Like my girl Taylor says “haters gonna hate”
    Keep up the good work Kid & Etvo!

  8. honestly it’s the one day you can troll the readers and dont have to feel bad about it, so take any grief that the readers are trying to give you on this day as a measure of sucess

    for myself, i didn’t manage to get to the second link, but i did see that one of the commentators put up a link to translate the numbers, so i did read that first, and a couple hours later when i read CCM i found the link and thought “well damn, they got me, good job” so some of us were able to see the effort your put in after some time

  9. Kids with entitlement issues are probably the worst thing about our community. They are loud, annoying yet never actually provide anything to the community itself.

    Don’t let them stress you out Kidyeon, you’re allowed to let your hair down once in a while and given everyone in the world knows about April 1st if they can’t cope maybe they just shouldn’t use the internet for the day (or forever – I won’t miss you guys).

    You joke actually involved some effort and you actually hid the chapter in there like an easter egg. Not too shabby an effort.

  10. I found it really hillarious. Thanks so much for the hard work. And U did a great job with the joke. I searched a bit and then found a decryptersite online where i just copied ur numbers and read the chapter like that. Was really fun . And thanks again for ur hard work and that joke. People should get the stick out of their ass and get a good joke if they see one. 😛

  11. I’m just happy to get a chapter! If I have a chapter, I ain’t complainin’!

    I’ll admit that it didn’t occur to me to check the bottom of CCM. That would have made things a little bit easier…

  12. it was a funny joke. even if i only got as far as ccm, and then went to a decoder site.

    no offense to taffy and other hard working translators, but ccm is just to bad writing to even scroll (stopped reading it a few dussin chapters after child murdering women only sect out of f*ing nowhere appeared, and haven’t been able to stomach it since. if you are going to worldbuild for 100 + chapters, i demand that you atleast use the world and tone you have build…(i like worldbuilding, it’s one of the best parts of many stories. even though i prefer if it’s slightly less of it than in WoT…))

    still good joke though, a pity i missed half of it…

    1. You should really start reading CCM again, the Prologue to the Real story finally ended and some plot holes were closed. It’s getting really entertaining again.

  13. Happens too in other sites. This is the year where I’ve seen the most wuxia translation and we unfortunately picked up more and more privileged leechers. Ruins the whole fun of it bt hey – you can only appreciate the good when there’s bad~

  14. I was ok with this one, but that TNC april fools joke was errrrmmm…not too good… I am a man with a sense of humor but it just took too much of my data plan that i had to load 30 pesos again beacuse all the alloted data was consumed… And I am just a student…..While 30 pesos in the philippines can already buy me a kilo of rice….. ……. Sorry for this negative comment but i am still very happy about the chapter release……

    1. Please take my comment as a reminder that even in places where its hard to access the internet, there are still people reading your translations, THAT IS HOW APRRECIATED YOUR WORK IS …..

  15. the complainers would seem rather uneducated to not recognize the simplest of ciphers, and even more so incredibly lazy to not even google a converter.

    you may conclude that they aren’t true fans, as a true fan at least would have read through the comments when meeting such a basic problem.

    you have done nothing which you need excuse yourself for. don’t feel sad that haters live to hate, for whatever ridiculous reason they can find. they’re not worth it.

    your feelings are better spent on those you can love and admire for deciphering by hand. those are real rabid fans, the ones who are truly grateful, and recognize your hard work.

  16. I was like, you fcked up? then went to read the comments and noticed the link, then i was like YAAAAS, so i went and clicked that link and was shit confused thinking i clicked a bookmark or something, then went back and back, and then i was like oh ok, i guess i’ll just read this chapter, and then i found the last link and i was like YAAAAAS THANK TRANSLATORS HALLELUJAH. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS FOLKS!

  17. Some people are just salty. I was waiting on release and didn’t scroll CCM because I’m not up to that chapter yet. Also failed copy for 30 minutes on my phone due to hitting back button accidentally.

  18. I just didnt scroll because I hadn’t read it yet (though thanks for referring it), but I did enjoy it, as I want to learn how to write in the backwards cipher, and this was interesting.

  19. People really hated it? I just coded an app to decode it. Took me 5 minutes only because I wanted to stretch my fingers. 12 year old could figure out that those numbers are letters. They just needed to click first link on “letters to numbers converter” google search.

    You could have encrypted it with some symetric cipher to make it harder and make them haterz BURN. What’s few more hates? Ungreateful leeches, geez. Your prank was unique and enjoyable. Some people are, duh, intelectually inferior? Don’t want to say “idiots” but seems like I have no choice. Haters gonna hate. Don’t worry, keep doing what you’re doing. Encrypt more chapters for haters. Like each month, one new symetric cipher to decipher. Make them use their brain, make them hate more and make them hate themselves for coming back the following day, defeated, to humbly read decoded chapter.

    Oh, and make chapter-83-reeeaal go to chapter 84. Put link to April Fools chap at the beginning of 83rd maybe?

    Thank you for the chapter, AWESOME April Fool’s and your hard work!

  20. Did people really not expect a little prank or joke on April 1st? The one day where you should absolutely know what’ll happen? The one day where it’s also called April fools day?
    Come on now.

    I mean it’s not like they translate + edit these chapters for free. oh wait! They do.
    Get over yourselves haters, honestly.

  21. When you drink water, think of its source.

    My fellow friends.

    I’d like to thank the translation team for their hard work. I personally liked the jokes.

  22. puzzle’s are fun tho, i read the whole chapter by de-coding every single letter in my head and wrote it into a notepad doc, then read it.. xD – now i didn’t have to worry about what to do while listening to things i already knew in class :3
    haters probably don’t mind to comment, but it gave me a great laugh, looking forward to next years’ april fools 🙂

  23. Haha. I feel bad for my message in that post now. Sorry. The thing about the script was that I thought it was a sort of programming challenge. It takes a one liner to solve it. Maybe I shouldn’t have added the cry emoticon. 🙂

  24. I liked it a lot. Yes, I did take the time to decipher, though not to actually read it (prefer the site itself), but I found it to be quite awesome. Don’t mind the nah sayer, the internet is a place filled with all kinds – the negative side just tends to be fairly vocal.

  25. Thanks again for your hard work!
    I don’t understand how people can be that hateful – it’s a real pitty!
    Registering just to flame the people who work hard for us to read a great story …
    Can’t seem to wrap my head around that one – in any case be blessed – both team Etvolare for your great work and also the people that have hateful emotions – for they need it the most I guess.

    1. Oh damn it!
      I just went to the TaffyGirl site and read the comments for this CCM novel that was linked as April fools for SOTR – I was like WTF?!
      I mean so much hate and negativity … DAMN – poor translator…
      I just don’t get this – noone forces anyone to read anything, but people flame and hate it is … I’m out of words.

  26. im mad at u guys, supermad…..Imho u shouldnt have posted the real chapter at all
    i mean i had to dig up my old C++ assignment to read it only to find a link down there… iumagine how mad i was
    next time dont post the real chapter 🙁

  27. Come on do not be like this. You know as well as all the others that there was aminority of people being pissed. And a majority of people laughting.

  28. Firstly, thank you for the effort in trolling. I admire people who really took their time just to annoy other people.
    Second, the prank was just savage for people who are on mobile. If I was logged in on my mobile, perhaps I would also be in beast mode. Just imagine being on mobile in a country rank among the slowest in terms of internet speed, then you have to take all the effort to copy everything then wait for another 5 minutes for the decrypting site to load, which is not that friendly on mobile. And you have to click on the link only to find a CCM chapter. Oh, the horrors. It took me 30 minutes before I gave up on using my phone. Good think PW was released and I had a blast.
    Third, people saying it is easy to decrypt, with some even writing script for it. Nobody said it was hard. But it is a whole new game when you’re on mobile and commuting. I think that ticked most people off.
    April Fool’s is really overrated. IMO.
    Anyway, good read. Thanks again.

  29. All of you who are working on SOTR!
    I’m really sorry for what I’ve said and done. I was the one who registered just to flame you! I was really angry and didn’t do what I should have and calm down before acting! I am indeed a terrible and hateful person as some of you already realized it! Hope you will go on! I can’t donate because I don’t have the money but when I will I will definitely do it for at least 3 chapters!! Sorry for all the trouble!

    PS. I’ll change my username as that itself is really hateful!

    Bye bye y’all! Forgive my dumbness!

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