♔ SOTR Chapter 78!

Our only sponsored release this weekend! (I believe)

Edited by: Studmonster

This release is brought to us courtesy of Anthony G. of France, Kendra H. of GA, USA, Joshua O. of NY, USA, Kirindas of CA, USA, and Kin-Hong M. of TX, USA! Read the chapter, love the sponsors. *flips hair* Thank you all kindly! *bows*

And oops, I just realized I hadn’t updated the index in quite a while and just did so. However, I’m curious as to why people check the index as opposed to the chapter posts themselves. I hadn’t thought that it would be so important to so many readers, but I stand corrected when someone asked me if I’d dropped SOTR (the horrors!) because the index had been stuck at chapter 67 for a week. Why index page > all the other various posts on different sites?

15 thoughts on “♔ SOTR Chapter 78!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I don’t do this myself, but I think one of the reasons someone might check the index instead of other posts is in case someone only reads every other day and don’t read all the novels here. So instead of receive one e-mail every time someone posts a new chapter, he would just need to check the index for the newest chapter released, as he can simple bookmark that page.

  2. Thanks for the chapter and thank you for updating the index too!
    Actualy when I read online stuff on my kindle I find it to be fastest when I just bookmark the index page and check new chapters from there, than going through the new posts or bookmarking the last chapter page which makes it pretty messy…

  3. For me, even though I check everyday and read the new chapters from the posts, I usually go back to the index when I want to reread a certain arc or chapter ( which is why I love it when the chapter names are listed and the index get updated )

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