♔ SOTR Chapter 77!

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Thank you all so much for the playlist suggestions, I really wasn’t expecting things like Russian rap and even Deathblade commenting. Woooahh. <3 Vitamin String Quartet, Audiomachine, and Gackt are some solid new choices, and I’m slowly making my way through the list. So just because I haven’t responded doesn’t mean I didn’t read your comment! The sun’s come out for the first time in two weeks (I kid you not, two weeks of miserable, wet, cold, rainy! Who’s with me in not liking rain? RAWRRRR), so I’m going outside and getting some much needed vitamin D! I hope the winter hasn’t been too harsh for everyone, almost spring!

We’re heading into mission three of the Hidden Dragon Trials soon, how’s everyone liking them so far? I for one have been pleasantly surprised by the creativity shown, raised a bit of an eyebrow at chapter 76, and am extremely pumped for 78!

<3 etvo

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    While the first trial would be like the ones in all other novels, the second one was really refreshing and did even make sense in the greater picture too, so that’s a good sign for the story to come. Also I like, that the mc will have his eight bitches (guards) around with him (well he’ll most likely have), so it might not be another of those loner mc stories without friends (but with a harem…)

  2. Last chapter after reading your little message I went straight to the chapter and read is and I was going to put a suggestion after I read the chapter but… I forget to xD
    So here is my suggestion to you try Toše Projeski he is from Macedonia and he got a lot of awesome songs (to bad he died so young would surely have more amassing song) he actually sings in 2 different languages they are similar to a certain degree (also similar to Russian to xD
    Well anyway you said you like listening to songs you don’t understand well he got an awesome voice try it out also Negativ, Marcelo(reaper), Kaliophi, Parni Valjak, Bijelo Dugme there are a lot more but this can do for now xD

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