♔ SOTR Chapter 76!

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This chapter is brought to us courtesy of Marcella S. of Germany, Matthew T. of DE, US, Tinashe M. of UK, Rawlric S. of NY, US, Bart D. of Belgium, and Tuong V. of Norway. Thank you wonderful people for your generosity!

Part 1 in the series of how to get your translators to translate more. Of course, donations and expressions of love always work, and your mileage will vary with translator. Personally speaking, my concentration has been on point lately because I got a new Beolit speaker. I’m in ear nirvana and hear soooo many parts of songs that I just couldn’t hear before. When I translate, I tend to listen to more chill songs in languages that I don’t understand to avoid distractions, so lots of Piano Guys and kpop. 😀 My playlist has been getting old recently though, anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. I listen to a lot of post rock (instrumental rock). Here are some of my favorite bands: Grails (Deep Politics is my favorite album), Explosions in the Sky, Russian Circles, MONO (Death in Reverse is an amazing song), Animals as Leaders ( Instrumental Metal), and Red Sparowes (correct band name spelling). Hope you enjoy them. Also thanks for sharing this story.

  2. try a mix of genres. that always helps with the getting old stuffs. that way you will be able to enjoy even your old songs more. at least that’s what works for me.

  3. If you don’t know Japanese.. Then Gackt would be a good choice.. Songs like Vanilla, Emu for my dear, Returner ~ Yami No Shuuen, Last song, Neosis, Black Stone, Jesus (Single MA (as per youtube)), Ghost.

    Another good band is Dir En Grey some songs would be The Final, Glass Skin, Saku, Yokan, and Obscure (warning.. F bombs dropped a lot in Saku, and you probably don’t want to watch but should watch some of the music videos.)

    L’Arc-en-Ciel is good as well.. New world and Daybreak’s bell are ones I recommend.

  4. Can’t help at all with kpop or Piano Guys. >.< Currently, the only music I listen to is Vocaloid music, mainly pop. Have a library of Japanese pop and anime music too I haven't touched for some time.

  5. Do you like Cellos? Then grab some Bach. It is sublime.

    Do you like Cellos and Metallica? Then Apocalyptica is for you. They are purely instrumental covers, so no worries of the lyrics I interrupting your flow. Although I guess that isn’t really chill…

    Honestly, there are a lot of excellent horn and/or string instrumental covers of popular songs out there, if that sort of thing does it for you at all.

    Russian pop can be mindlessly enjoyable sometimes.

    Other not as chill things might be Electroswing music, or just some straight up house music.

    That’s all that comes to mind at the moment.

  6. I really like these songs: rainbow by lego big morl, toeto by megurine luka, and if you use spotify, a norwegian band called no. 4. I think most of their songs are good and since you wanted chill songs that you cant understand, whats more alien than norwegian?

  7. i smell kpop here…hmmmm

    and i just get my headset function normally again, i played elastic heart by sia and hear some creepy background singer voice

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