♔ SOTR Chapter 66!

The sniffles are strong in this one.

This chapter is brought to us courtesy of Nicholas H. of Australia, and this rounds out his generous donation. Thank you for your support, and please join me in a round of applause everyone!

I’d like to take this moment to propose a small change in policy that I hope everyone understand. I’ve been mulling over this for many, many weeks now but never found the right timing, what with the prep work for WW and subsequent move. Now that quite a few have had a chance to give SOTR a try and seen first hand the awesomeness of the story and the quality of my work, I think it’s time that to say I’d like to implement a one time increase in sponsored chapters to $60 per chapter, instead of the previous $50.

This is because chapters are consistently getting longer in length and more complex. In the beginning, we had Jiang Chen waxing eloquent about the awesomeness of “I, the son of the Celestial Emperor” and easy to translate dialogue in which everyone called everyone else idiots and lechers. Now we have Buddhist concepts, Jiang Chen’s nameless saber with splendor comparable to ancient gods, and courtly speeches from the king. In addition, chapters were consistently just north of 3,000 ~ 3,100 characters in the beginning, but to give future examples, chapter 100 is at 3,530 characters, chapter 150 is 3,651 characters. This is a 15% – 20% length increase and consistent for future chapters.

Hopefully everyone empathizes and understands, and I am honoring the current queue as it stands. There’s $214 in the queue right now after donations from last night (thank you for your patronage!), which makes for 4 sponsored chapters. I will still put out four sponsored chapters at the old amount. The queue will be adjusted to reflect this amount. Plus! I’ve been sharing extra love with my editors (this chapter brought to you guys by Studmonster!) since moving to WW, so it’s not all just me. 😀


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  1. You don’t need to be nervous about increasing the sponsored chapter costs. $50 is actually cheaper than some of the other stories here plus the high demand warrants an increase to keep you sane.

  2. People tend to easily start to feel entitled when it comes to Internet content, but that is bullshit. You don’t have to be so apologetic about raising prices, that is something totally within your rights to begin with.

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