♔ SOTR Chapter 60!

Double sponsored release days! 😀

etvolare here with double sponsored release days! This is the only way I can keep up with the queue.. I wanted to do more but somehow didn’t communicate that properly to my team and so… just one double release this weekend. We’re bowled over by the reception SOTR has received, thank you all kindly folks!

The chapter was sponsored by Count Grey of the US, thank you so much for your patronage and your welcome! You’re our first sponsor on WW, thank you so much!

The previous chapter was actually an appreciation chapter, I asked Kidyeon to publish it while I was asleep so our release times wouldn’t be something silly like 2 chaps in 10 minutes. I tend to queue extra chapters when we reach new milestones, and this was for when SOTR broke the top 25 of NU rankings. Yay recognition!

I also wanted to use chapter 59 as an appreciation chapter for two people who’ve helped me, in particular my good friend Deceptioning from Chaotic Sword God. He’s actually helped me with a lot of names in SOTR, since I am wholly uninspired when it comes to naming. Flowery descriptions and abstract concepts? I’m on them. Names? Er, they would be so bland and boring you guys might’ve dropped SOTR out of protest. 😀 I’ve been joking recently that the MCs of SOTR and CSG must’ve been twins separated at birth since their names are so similar, and *particularly* after something that happens in SOTR 60. CSG is a fabulous read and if you haven’t read it before, you should!

Another person I’d like to thank is CKTalon of True Martial World. He’s helped troubleshoot volareTL before and without him, SOTR wouldn’t have been hosted anywhere for you guys to find! His speed is amazing and TMW has actually caught up to the raws. Read TMW for another exciting story and a novel with fresh hot releases!

Alrighty, future sponsored posts won’t be near as lengthy as this one!

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  1. Accidentally ive read tmw and csg! And wanted to find more xianxia similar to that outside of ww (since i read all ww releases) can you reccomend a title or two that are similar to both and more importantly amazing translator such as deceptioning and cktalon (that are very consistent and fast in their release) ?

    OH YEAH AND THANKS A LOT! SOTR Has become one of my top priority list now!

    1. Since you asked i can only answer :
      Martial Peak ( one of my favorite but evryone have their personality )
      Limtless Sword God (one of my Favorite the story plot look like TDG a bit )
      Peerless Martial God ( a bit weird for me that is but it capture my interrest in the late chapter )
      History’s Number 1 Founder ( Fusion between BTTH and PW and other story but definitely one of the perfect story for me up there )
      if you didn’t read those read them and you will never be disappointed and if you like them you can ask me for more i have a lot that will never disappoint you

      1. Oh wow just finished reading all the synopsis looks great! Apparently i already read pmg and i liked it (still waiting for an update been 3 days now T.T). Thanks for the suggestion will read through it then ill ask you for more reccomendaion hehehe

    2. Besides wuxiaworld, you can check out other translation hubs like gravitytales, moonbunnycafe, novelsnao, translationnations. There are too many standalone translation sites to list.
      Another way is look through novel updators like aho-updates or wuxiatranslationsdl to search for novels you like. In the beginning, I preferred to read novels as epubs. But later on I got addicted to reading other peoples comments as much as or sometimes even more than the novels themselves hehe.

      this list is not updated, but i often refer to it when i get bored http://sites.google.com/kensreadinglist/

    3. I’d also recommend Ancient Strengthening Technique on Gravity, being translated by lordbluefire. He does >5 releases a week and this one’s been a pretty popular one!

  2. Im sorry to say but CSG is rather dull, the author constantly rehashes stuff instead of advancing the story line and developing the characters. Offend someone, kill, run, hide, kill, hide, run… It just seems to repeat itself in a cycle, I am not alone on this view. If you read the comments on certain csg chapters, quite a few ppl share the same sentiment. My negative reviews on CSG are almost everywhere lolx.
    I would definitely not recommend csg to anyone haha.
    It started off as a decent reincarnation novel though. I wonder if it gets better towards the middle of the story, but I dont want to get my hopes up and dashed by CSG yet again.

    1. p.s. i stopped reading during the Zh0u clan / wake city cat-mouse arc…
      p.s.s. the comments are no longer there because GT changed their comments plugin 😛

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