♔ SOTR Chapter 358 ♔

D’aww, my friends over at NUF gave me a mention today!

Edited by: Aruthea

They were referring to my post earlier this week, in which I said something similar to:

I made an adjustment to SOTR’s release schedule earlier this month and said that I wanted to work towards double releases a day! This is made possible by the fact that I quit my finance job in order to focus on something I really like and love. (That and not having to work two jobs! 9am-7pm for my day job and then 8pm-1am for volare/translating was really starting to kill me. ? )

Apart from a love for words, I really want to be able to devote more time to volare. Much like how the wonderful Ren has built WW into something truly wonderful, I really hope to do the same for off the beaten path novels, whether romance, fantasy, slice of life, or naughty humor. So here’s to great times ahead and etvo getting more sleep… ?

<3 etvo

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