♔ SOTR Chapter 351 ♔

I’m currently half a day behind y’all!

Edited by: Oz

This chapter is brought to us courtesy of… a change in schedule! I’d been teasing for a while now that I would translate full time in 2017, and here it is! Here I am! Translating full time right here, right now!

While a lot of my time this week has been spent on setting volare up properly for 2017, GDK readers will note that I’ve released daily for GDK thus far this week, and I’m here to announce that while SOTR has officially been on a 3x a week schedule, I’m officially moving that up to 5x a week, with sponsored chapters on weekends, and sponsored on weekdays coming in as double releases. 😀 I wanted to be even more ambitious, but baby steps first. I don’t want to promise what I can’t deliver.

So if you’re like, please click on my Patron over there in the right hand side to support my full time endeavors, or click on the Pikachus to find GDK’s newly improved schedule. Here’s to a wunnerful 2017!

<3 etvo

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  1. Yeah thank you so much for GDK and SOTR !!
    I hope evry thing goes well for you and that your full time translation will let you have a great life !!!
    Thx so much !!

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