♔ SOTR Chapter 342 ♔

I don’t think I can stay up past midnight anymore *horror*

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I’ve been driving my staff up a wall the past week and killing my own productivity trying to think of new site names. I think I’ve spent over 15 hours in various forms of brainstorming or discussing now. 🙁 So I ask you guys, do y’all have brilliant ideas for site names involving volare + reading/book related that happen to be short?

*scampers away*


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  1. heya volare, don’t worry too much over a site name until you have the whole plan for the site and its content sorted out.

    normally speaking, the name will just come to you one day out of the blue, rather than when you are brainstorming.

    that said, you should also be open to options that don’t contain “volare” in the name, since people know that’s your group already and it won’t look or sound as good as a more natural flowing choice.

    maybe you can think of stuff along the lines of a writers office or den, and see how it sounds in the language of the stuff you translate or the first language of people in your team who do english as a 2nd language?

  2. I’ll be honest, I don’t see anything wrong with volaretranslations; especially since keeping volare is a prerequisite. Volare doesn’t mean anything, so it automatically reads as a brand name. Since it’s a brand, anything you add on to it is just a descriptor about what the brand does; Volares Luxury Purses, Volares First Class Translations, etcetera. If you want it short, I’d just make it volare.com. Just make sure the content is search optimized so if people start looking for translations your site comes up early. The only way to make it sound witty when the brand name is set in stone is alliteration, or rhyming, and your brand is volare I’m not even sure that’s possible, for a translation site.

    1. HI just for your information volare is the latin and italian verb “to fly”.
      I am not sure if this is the meaning Etvolare had in mind when he chose this name but there is a meaning to the word itself.

      1. You got it! I picked volare because it’s Latin for “to fly”, kind of how we’re flying into great novels, ai? 🙂 Then I derived my username from volare by tacking on “et” — Latin for “and”. So, “and fly”! Off we go. 😀

  3. volare means “to fly” so 1 idea i had is “volaresky” – to fly to the sky. it sound kind of nice and not directly about books but about imagination
    another idea is volarecity that also sound like velocity
    transletvo isnt bad as well and probably the 1 i would pick between the 3

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