6 thoughts on “♔ SOTR Chapter 336 ♔” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Haven’t read SOTR yet, but enjoy reading your posts.. However, love reading GDK, one of the best translating novels out there, you’re doing a cracking job on it, so Goddess Etvo, I implore you to pour some love to that poor thing??.

    1. Aye aye MitMeng, thank you for phrasing your request so nicely! <3 It gladdens my heart that you're not cussing at me to release more GDK. I actually intend to do full time translating in 2017, so you *betcha* that I will be releasing more GDK then!

      Now.. why do people like GDK so much? I have a love hate relationship with it…

  2. I’m a guy, and I do believe it was done with taste, and further believe that the actions Dan Fei took will bring them together. I won’t articulate on my ideas as to what will happen in the future process of it happening, but I do see a flower(like a lotus) blooming, at least with my ideas on the pure thought as opposed to the side villians ways.

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