♔ SOTR Chapter 335 ♔

Things are heating up? 😀

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So I don’t check comments that diligently anymore, and was pleasantly surprised to find double the usual number when I clicked through today. It seems that folks have a lot to talk about for recent plot developments. For once, I don’t grind my teeth when translating a non action chapter because I actually think this bit of emotional development is good for fleshing out the characters. I recently read a review that says “McDonald’s, SOTR is not” and had to laugh. Indeed, there’s a bit more emotional interplay with the side characters than some might find in other novels, and I really like it!

For me, this takes Dan Fei one step down from the “I hate translating about you” pedestal. I was out for blood when she went and did that nonsense in the Maze Realm Autumn Hunt. And with recent (spoilers after the jump)

explanation about Jiang Chen being emotionally stunted because (SPOILERS) he couldn’t have children in his past life, I think his actions towards women make a lot more sense. Although at one point I wanted to smack him upside the head in this chapter because HERRO. Xiao Fei is maybe a GIRL so she’s not affected? C’mon man.

Shout out to stonehe4rt! Loved reading your comments, and loved reading the conversation in general in last chapter’s comments everyone. 😀

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