♔ SOTR Chapter 324 ♔

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This chapter is brought to us courtesy of Andrea J. of Germany! Thank you, how’s the weather in Germany now? I travelled there during Christmas once and loved it. 😀 Please join me in a warm round of applause and appreciation for Andrea!

I loved reading folks’ comments for the last chapter. I too agree — I dislike reading about filler chapters, excessive/nonsensical sex scenes, and one dimensional/flat characters.

By the way, volaretranslations turns 1 year old next week (click the Pikachus in the right hand side to check that out!)! I’m still contemplating what kind of madness to do to celebrate. 😀 Any suggestions?

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  1. Can I just point out that “filler chapters” is quite a broad spectrum? There are those chapters that everyone can agree on as filler, but then there are chatpers that some see as filler while others don’t, and vice versa.

    I agree with all of those, though having sex scenes “offscreen” (somewhat like how IET does the whole “and then clothes flew off the bed” [END CHAPTER] thing in CD.) contributes greatly to the plot. MGA’s less moral scenes, for example, were quite important to the plot on multiple levels. However, imo no need for the author to get into it and describe in crazy detail (lol HJC and others).

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