♔ SOTR Chapter 323 ♔

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What do you hate reading about in a novel? I realized that I hate reading detailed descriptions of items, and so that also reflects in my translations. This one took me quite a while because I was like and… another thing… and this treasure… and zzz that… zzz… treasure *kerthunk*


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  1. Cliches where the author isn’t even trying. Arrogant Sect Disciple #G297923f803 reporting for duty.

    Or seriously excessive description of a scenario. I haven’t been able to finish the seventh book of the Wheel of Time because of this, and the really long lulls in the storytelling Riordan’s books have.

    The one redeeming quality translated series have is that there are nearly no perception shifts. I hate hate hate perception shifts. I understand the necessity to draw a broader world, but keep them short and not half the goddamn book.

    And excessive sexual scenes. Like I get it. If I wanted erotica, I know where to find it, keep that shit separate. I love you for this alone IET, you don’t have any of that nonsense. It makes up with your mathematical disability. On topic, is the obligatory LGBT character plauguing english webserials. I get what you’re doing, and I’m not homophobic, just don’t cram it down our throats.

    Group stories (where the story has no MC, but rather a team, also annoys me. I still read some works like that anyway, but I just prefer a single, main protagonist.

    1. I love this response, yes to excessive sex scenes in particular. I’e found it difficult to read wuxia/xianxia lately because it dissolves into wish fulfillment for the author with girl after girl. But LOL at IET’s math disabilities!

  2. yea I agree with you on reading the detailed descriptions on items as it subtracts from moving the story forward, however I do like it when they paint a very good picture of what it looks like so I can form a mental image.
    Another thing that bugs me is when they repeat the same thing over and over again just so the author can increase word count.

    1. WORD COUNT. You have no idea how much I hate too. Like alrighty, it’s the third time you’re repeating this — we’re not goldfish! Or Dory. 😀

  3. My pet peeve is more about the translation than the novel itself.
    I hate it when the translator keep using Japanese terms when there is a perfectly good translation for it. for exemple tou-san/father, kaa-san/mother, aniki, itadakimasu, that sort of things.
    As for what I don’t like in novels? Repetition.
    When the natation explain something, and then the hero think/say the exact same thing right after that.

  4. I hate it when they overly explain stuff for minor characters, or when random BS happens just to keep the characters from getting too strong.

    Or when there are way too many arrogant SOB to the point that it makes no sense (too many enemies is dangerous).

    Or when items that won’t matter much in the long run is overly explained or when author’s overly repeat stuff just to keep the word count…

  5. I don’t hate a villain that was poorly explained or just nonsensical, if there is only one of it in the story.
    I hate it when there are multiple of that same archetype of villain. GIVE ME VARIETY!
    Same for plot devices, variety is the spice of life people, don’t give me the same thing several times in a row.

    I hate scenes that have nothing to do with the main character/s of the story, for example the 10? chapters of PW near the beginning with a major battle between major powers that the stone village eventually teleports away from, and the story doesn’t cut away with the village instead it stays with the battle. Those chapters were a complete waste of space and almost got me to stop reading it altogether. Also PW, take a close look at his flashback to being a 1yo and ask if he was awake/conscious or possibly even in the same room/building with the events taking place in HIS flashback that he gains full knowledge of when he wakes up in the present.

    There are more things I could rant about and more books I could give examples of, but I’m just going to pause and comment on a funny.

    D. d.. did you hit your keyboard with your face while [s]translating[/s] sleeping?! “*kerthunk*” rofl

    1. Haha that’s usually what I try to convey with *kerthunk*. Try it, it sounds like kerthunk! 😛

      But, I like it when they develop the side characters though. Like the bit about Jiang Chen’s steward in the beginning of SOTR, I really like that bit, as well as Qiao Baishi in the Eastern Kingdom.

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