♔ SOTR Chapter 280-281 ♔

etvo needs to stop falling asleep before posting chapters

Edited by: Jafz

I actually took the rest of the week off from work so I can well, er, translate. 😀 I still ended up working most of today and spent the rest of the day running errands. And that’s after I slept 10 hours catching up on sleep thanks to translating to 1am these days. It seems like I spend most vacation days sleeping through them, is that what happens to you guys too?

So interest of not posting a chapter half a day late again, here’s tonight’s chapter!

Edited by: Crimsonguard (shiitake. I credited the wrong editor before. I sowwie! And I loved Crimson’s edits in this chapter too!)

And that finishes our regular chapter schedule of the week! See you tomorrow for sponsored!

<3 etvo

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