♔ SOTR Chapter 279 ♔

Egads! I fell asleep before posting!

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Someone poke me next time the next morning when I do that! I was so busy today at work I forgot to post as well. Sowwie!

I have an interesting tidbit from the author today, he rarely leaves author notes, but he left a lengthy (and crucial) one in this chapter!

Author note: I have a bit of business today and so posted my third update early. Everyone take it easy tonight. Some readers have asked me why is it that Jiang Chen knows of everything beneath the heavens in his past life but had never heard of the Upper Eighth Realm. I can’t say why here because it’s a huge spoiler. In conclusion, everyone can take it that this world doesn’t exist within the range of Jiang Chen’s previous world view. I can’t say any more! That would be too many spoilers! The plot regarding the rest of the world will be slowly revealed.

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