♔ SOTR Chapter 274 ♔

Moving on from this bit!

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It’s almost Halloween! Keep an eye out for my costume, a translating Pikachu near you! 😀 And what’s everyone dressing up as?

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  1. I saw one-piece pajamas at Target 2 weeks ago (super, super, SUPER comfy), and a cat there took my fancy. I will be proudly wearing a cat from the pajama section of Target for Halloween xD

  2. Thanks for the chapter 😀

    I just wanted to point out a some errors in the 272 and 273 chapters <.<

    Chapter 272
    At the start Jiang Chen said 24 hours but later on it said 12 hours or he will start killing <.<
    Also at the end of Chapter 271 he said 24 hours as well so I am a bit confused now is it 12 or 24 hours <.<

    Chapter 273
    One had to know that only original realm practitioners had the need to use saint rank medicines.
    I think it is Origin not Original 😀

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