♔ SOTR Chapter 265 ♔

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I really enjoyed reading the comments for the last chapter! And I’m surprised by those who say that Jiang Chen isn’t ready for love yet. I don’t know, given his mentality and his past life experiences… I think he has the maturity for it, but maybe it’s just not the biggest priority for him at the moment?

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  1. I also agree that love isn’t a concern for him at the moment. I do recall reading some comments claiming JC is ignorant of love but at the same time it would be hard to recognize considering Dan Fei’s flirtatious personality. With past experiences would be hard to tell if she was serious or just joking again in his shoes. I do recall him recognizing Gouyo’s affection and feeling a bitter about it

  2. I guess I was one of those who suggested Jiang Chen is emotionally immature, and here is why. Consider his past – before he was reincarnated into his current body. He was a silkpants in a heavenly domain who basically spent all his waking hours in the library – which is why he knows so much. A lot is stated in earlier chapters about that to lay the basis for his knowledge, but there are downsides to that. First, he is all theory and no practicality, which is surmountable by him putting his theory into practice, but most importantly – he had little to no social interaction so couldn’t have developed social (emotional) skills, particularly with the opposite gender. He knows a lot about etiquette, but that isn’t “social skills”.

    It’s only now he is reincarnated that he is interacting in the “real world” and learning how to interact socially (causally, not formally) with real people.

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