♔ SOTR Chapter 261 ♔

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I’m making this week Patreon week, so thank you all kindly to October Patreon sponsors! *cupped fist salute* to the wonderful folks who have made this chapter happen! Thank you, and thank you again. 🙂

Now, who’s team Gouyu and who’s team Dan Fei after that last chapter? Honestly, I got quite irked at Dan Fei after the maze realm and so I’m more team Gouyu than anything. Jiang Chen though, at this point I’m wondering if SOTR should be called “Swindler of the Three Realms” — he cons people out of stuff too often!

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  1. “Swindler of the Three Realms”? he’s nowhere near bad enough imo. Then again, this comes from a reader of both TKA and ISSTH lol.

    But yeah he does seem to have done a lot of conning of people he doesn’t like. And yet, he’s allowed friends to make huge profits off of his recipes without asking for a slice. He just used it to build relationships.
    (Unlike Meng Hao / Ye Xiu who con from everyone, friend or foe)

  2. Yeah, Dan Fei is just way too annoying while Gouyu would die for Jiang Chen so I don’t think anyone on their right mind would still like Dan Fei after all the trouble she put him through.

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