♔ SOTR Chapter 256 ♔

Taiwan is out of Worlds 2016 T_T

Edited by: Kidyeon

This chapter is brought to us courtesy of Patreon sponsors! I believe I am late with last month’s chapter, my deepest apologies *cupped fist salute*. Thank you for your graciousness, patience, and continued support! I’ve finally settled into the groove of things a month after starting my job and moving in, and my happy editors can attest to the fact that I have a stockpile again. Thank you once again, I truly appreciate you all!

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  1. lol I clicked “Patreon Sponsors” thinking it was the link to the chapter xD
    I was scrolled in a way that I couldn’t see the “Edited by: Kidyeon” above it, and clicked the first link lolol.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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