♔ SOTR Chapter 255 ♔

Tis a sad day…

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I have to say, reading what Jiang Chen did in this chapter and how he did it kinda gave me the chills for a moment.

Home team AHQ is now out of the running! 🙁 That baron play. *sigh* Perhaps there’s some hope for FW tomorrow? Although with a 1-2 ranking… I’m not too hopeful. And honestly, I’m getting a bit bored of the champ selection at Worlds. It’s always Syndra, Tahm, Rumble, Jayce, Ali, Cait, Aur, Lee, Nid, Poppy, and Irelia. *zzz* I actually thought Teemo was going to take the field at one point yesterday, that would’ve been fun to watch. 😀

<3 etvo

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  1. been playing LoL for about a month now.. still cant find which hero suits me.. hahaha currently playing morg as supp with teemo as main. >.< but i still cant seem to fit with the game.. been playing dota since way back and transitioning to LoL isn't running as smoothly as i expected.. haha

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