♔ SOTR Chapter 252 ♔

On a roll! Third regular of the week!

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Pardon, another one of those fell asleep before I posted moments. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts and theories regarding Elder Shun! One of the ones that made me chuckle was a thought about non-interference. Makes me think of Star Trek’s Prime Directive. Any Trekkies in the audience? I’m a TNG girl myself. 😀

I actually have a stockpile now (my editors can attest to me rolling into the chat room, screaming ‘ON FIYAH!!’ and running away again) so I can say with a giggle that soon, we’ll see second rate villains beating… each other up. Man. Intelligence in wuxia worlds…

<3 etvo

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  1. The enemy of my enemy is… my enemy!!! XD

    And they even talked about “the mantis was stalking of the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind” but still not looking their back…

  2. I mean if you take a look at these wuxia worlds the amount of blunt force trauma, concussions, and fainting due to training and just life, they brains are pretty battered and can’t do much higher level thinking then offended/ face lost/mistake made = must kill MC.

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