♔ SOTR Chapter 251 ♔

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I hear you guys when you’re decrying how utterly crazy Elder Shun seems to be. I’m scratching my head as well, and echo one of the comments — why doesn’t he just talk to our MC? With all his love for Huang’er, what would a five minute conversation cost him? Just because he’s from another place that he doesn’t deign to? *scratches head more*

Your speculations?

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  1. I have thought of a number of possibilities

    1. A rule of non-interference and if he does he could be breaking some sort of rule. Like don’t interfere with mundane kingdoms/people. So he doesn’t want to risk it until he’s confident

    2. He wants to see if it’s worth it, if the Mc is actually capable of having a chance of curing her. The defense of not asking immediately is to prevent chaos, as imagine a all powerful person walking around grabbing people yelling cure her, you can’t? *throws away* (weak but barely plausible)

    3. It could just be worry. He is the only one who even has a chance of curing her what if he can’t what then? Wait for her death? So kind of trying to keep hope alive

  2. I thought he mentioned it

    He’s assuming that geniuses need time to grow and cultivate and he doesn’t want to interfere with the divination by introducing himself prematurely.

    Also keep in mind that he has no idea that the MC is a reborn entity who has past knowledge, so he’s assuming he’s JUST a teenager, a talented one, but one that apparently still needs time.

  3. We are dealing with a prediction about the future. We don’t know the specifics of that prediction. He might inadvertently affect it prematurely. I’m sure he is waiting for the conditions of the prediction to be met before he inquires.

    He wouldn’t even have stepped in last time except he had no choice. I think that will change soon tho.

  4. To me it feels like it’s 2 pronged.
    1. The girls problem is not yet dire, he still has time to observe so he is not rushing things. Add to that his excuse of “letting geniuses grow by theselves”
    2. Unintentional arrogance, he is such an exhaled figure he probably on some level cannot believe he can help. It has been predicted that he has a clue to her cure as such there is nothing to lose by meeting.

    To me though it is a mixture of the two, if you do t add the fact that the author just wants to prolong their meeting.

  5. easy!! her disease is unable to get in love with men, she is shy person, that is why elder shun need 3-5 years stalking her future husband before making decision, he need to know all the things that make him worthy become her husband and able to make her fall in love badly. right?

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