♔ SOTR Chapter 238 ♔

*smiles bashfully*

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Does anyone watch Chinese dramas? I happened to stumble upon “Just One Smile is Very Alluring” and watched to 1 am on a work night… >< I love the idea of mixing a wuxia game and modern idol drama. I’m queueing all the episodes up for a marathon session this weekend. 😀

<3 etvo

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    1. Well the wuxia part is from the game, as the setting of the drama is in the real world and those interactions that they have when playing the game… you can try and look up the trailer of the drama in yt.

  1. OMG you will love the ending, and @KINGZZ that drama is about online gaming and how the couple met through such as well as a love at first sight encounter on the male side. You might want to check it out, no RL ancient wuxia action but mostly in-game and your casual romance and love pentagon.

  2. OMG you scared me so hard lady Etvo, I think I am scared to death of that smiles bashfully expression after reading ISSTH for a second I thought you where gonna take all of our spirit stones and make us all write promissory notes =O

  3. The Chinese drama I’m watching this week is Boss and Me. Btw, I love to read the English translation of that novel Just one smile is alluring. Can you give me a link? Thanks???

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