♔ SOTR Chapter 215 ♔

Today’s chapter is earlier..

Edited by: Aruthea

because I will be on the plane during my usual posting time! Mission to finish editing during my layover, success! Thank you Aruthea for fast tracking this chapter. 😀

I also finally watched Captain America: Civil War on the plane. Whoo, that was electrifying, especially the end. Didn’t expect that twist and loved the plot line. This kind of made up for the disappointment I felt for the second Avengers movie. 😀

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    1. Actually I feel the theme fits our daily lives especially now, will you agree for government tracking, and until what level are you comfortable with it?


  1. agreed.
    I definitely thought they’re going for the same generic template of teaming up to fight the greater evil.
    definitely does not expect it to deliver what its title really means

  2. Etvo you mentioned only catching a couple pokemon at your layover in the “spoiler”, dont feel too bad since airports (along with highways etc) are no spawn areas, nothing spawns without incense/lures. If you dont see any spinning grass/leaves nearby, usually there arent many pokemon spawning there 🙂 that said have a good trip! And thanks for the chapter~

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