♔ SOTR Chapter 209 ♔

It’s here!

Edited by: Crimsonguard

And man, he went ham in this chapter. The dialogue is truly a work of art, he really got into the spirit of the chapter title. All hail Crimsonguard! This was a really, really nice chapter. Worthy of being a defining chapter of SOTR in a long while I’d say! 😀

<3 etvo

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  1. Magniloquent? Confabulate? Vacillate?

    Editors I don’t think it is a good idea to use such words. On one hand, vacillate does summarize the way the rat king transitioned his opinion nicely. But confabulate? What you had in the preview text of this chapter seemed perfectly fine (communicate, communication, hold dialog, etc.).

    Otherwise it looks like you went through a thesaurus and picked an interesting synonym.

    Ignoble and indubitably is pushing it too but they’re pop up more often so it was bearable. Stupendous also feels forced. Since I can’t translate Chinese I don’t know if magnificent or glorious would even apply to the original description but unless you change all previous chapters to match this sort of vocabulary it feels out of place.

    1. Vacillate was actually one of mine, as was glorious. I used magnificent, but stupendous is close enough.

      I think the spirit here is that the chapter title mentions JC is beautifully eloquent, and we know from previous interactions with Mang Qi that JC’s version of the ancient beast language is the noble/royal variant — that will likely be much more flowery. He’s talking to a king, it’s likely the king is also more flowery.

      Totally right on confabulate though. I didn’t check it, all on me. It’s been changed back to communication.

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