♔ SOTR Chapter 202 ♔

Sorry, that was one heck of a dinner!

Edited by: Jafz

As I prepare to move again… tons of family dinners and farewells! That was an epic three hour one. 😀

Those who’ve submitted a short story for the competition in the last day or so, please bear with me! I haven’t looked at any of them yet due to gearing up for the mass release. If I don’t confirm submission before the contest ends, please send it to me again!

[Edit] I think I didn’t word my last paragraph correctly. I have not registered your entry if you sent it to me in the last day. I will not be looking at it until after the mass release, because I am translating for the mass release. Please do not send me reminders every couple of hours asking me if I got it — I will post in an announcement post after the mass release to say when I’ve caught up registering everyone, alrighty now?

<3 etvo

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