♔ SOTR Chapter 201 ♔

So the party begins!

Edited by: Jafz

Chapter 200 par-tay begins! Same as last time, releases will be spaced out to not stress out the server and to take into account editing schedules. May I have a big round of applause for my editors working the mass release: Crimsonguard, Jafz, Kidyeon, and Premonition? You might notice those aren’t the usual editing names — that’s right, these guys (apart from Premonition) are all my backup editors! Supposed to be only called in once in a blue moon, these guys have really put forth a heroic effort and dropped everything to deal with my editing needs this week.

Once again I’m live translating a mass release. I’m not going to kill myself like I did for GDK’s so it may or may not be smaller than the ch 100 release. But let’s enjoy the party! 😀

A small change — death warriors has been changed to deathsworn. It sound so. much. darned. better. I wish I used that in the beginning. ><

Thank you guys for being with us all this time! And don’t forget to submit to the ch 200 short story competition!

<3 etvo


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  1. Congratulations on reaching the 201th milestone! I’ve enjoyed that journey a lot so far, thank you all so much for your efforts – SOTR has made me a happier person.

    Looking forward to reading the submissions of the competition, I’m sure it’s gonna be tons of fun 🙂

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