♔ SOTR Chapter 199 ♔

I has a day’s worth of chapters in the stockpile after translating all day…

Edited by: Crimsonguard

Which means I may push the mass release to the subsequent day after hitting chapter 200, instead of the day of. I also seem to be perennially short editors, so the chapters wouldn’t be edited at the rate I’m putting them out at. T_T

Reminder: Submit your entries for the chapter 200 contest! We’ve less than 20 thus far so you stand a good chance of winning! 😀

<3 etvo

5 thoughts on “♔ SOTR Chapter 199 ♔” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for all the translating. One possible alternative could be find a logical place to stop for the mass release and do half of it to celebrate chapter 200 so there’s no cliff to hang us off and then do the second half the day after. Just a thought.

  2. You dont need editors! You’re best/!! (well alyschu still better huehue – but no one can compare to patriarch deathblade!)

    Just kidding. Thanks for working hard!!

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