♔ SOTR Chapter 197 ♔

In the absence of Pokemon Go…

Edited by: Lem0nPEEL

I have downloaded Pokemon Zeta, Insurgence, and am ferreting around for a DS to play Pokemon White 2 on. ..:D *smiles brilliantly* And you guys thought Pokemon Go would kill my translations… I’m doing that well enough myself! Hahaha. ><

But honestly speaking, to give you guys an idea of how packed my days are, I moved out of the apartment back into my parents’ to get ready to pack for the States. Had a dentist appointment today, translated only 2.5 chapters because I was announcing a new novel on my site, and had to sign and return all documents relating to my new job. And now I’m playing League to destress. Waurghhhh.

<3 etvo

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  1. dont play pokemon go that thing is worst than cancer.
    as for pokemon games you can play up to the ds versions by downloading the emulator and the rom of the game onto your desktop/laptop.
    i dont think a 3ds emulator is out yet though

  2. I play Pokemon Emerald on my phone.
    Also I found my old Mario Kart DS and then spam played it. Now I have 3 stars in all the Grand Prix from 50cc to 150cc mirror XD

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