♔ SOTR Chapter 196 ♔


Edited by: Lem0ooooonPEEL (before I gave her chapter away cause honestly, how was I supposed to interpret HERE >\\\< as her wanting to come back and finish the edit? Celestial Fluff, I am, mindreader, am not! XD ) and Jafz (super speedy 11th hour knight!)

This chapter is brought to us courtesy of my wonderful July Patrons, and Astri S. of Jakarta, Pompidou S. of Germany, and Neko of France! A hearty round of applause and thanks for these fine folk please! And remember, those Patrons at the $5 tier and above at the end of July will be receiving a tiny surprise from me in a few weeks! 😀 But. I. need. your. mailing. address. Gib. me. mailing address. or. etvo. will. will. will. (let me think on that)

In addition, I’m making a small TL change that I forgot to denote in the last chapter. The lowest rank of any martial method, pill, or spirit medicine was “common rank” before — I decided to change it to “mortal rank” to be more in line with the rest of the theme of the novel, given that subsequent ranks are spirit, saint, etc. I hope that’s not confusing!

<3 etvo

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    1. This daddy here takes pride in his accomplishments in the Grand Dao of Females. However, even this daddy is unable to comprehend the r̶a̶m̶b̶l̶i̶n̶g̶s̶ Dao of this young girl. Ai, it is simply too profound…

      1. if even Grand Master Lewd Black Man who achieved a profound and grand understanding of various Daos then how can anyone of us understand we will need a female for this!!

    2. It’s about some gibberish (“>///<") that apparently meant "brb" not being understood by another and stuff happened which led to more gibberish.

    3. Lol that was in reference to me staring at the half edited chapter and wondering if Lemon would finish. She’d left a note “HERE >\\\<" but disappeared. So I asked Jafz to finish… how was I supposed to know that her note meant she'd come back?? 😀

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