♔ SOTR Chapter 191 ♔

Ahoyyyy! Second regular chapter of the week!

Edited by: Crimsonguard!

Please welcome the new addition to the editing team, Crimsonguard! In his own words:

An avid fan of the fantasy genre. His interest for a good read can only be matched by a good game or a good show. An editor who thinks that with sufficient writing skills a cliche can only be matched by a good pun.

In my words:

Thank you to my gracious auxiliary support Crimsonguard! I may have ranted about having a huge editing team and how dare they have lives during the summer when I suddenly dumped this chapter on him. Here’s to eternally struggling with a stockpile!

And, please give me ideas of what kind of prizes would be up your alley for a small community event to celebrate 200 chapters of SOTR!

<3 etvo

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  1. I don’t have an idea for prizes, but as for the event: why not a readers’ competition of the physical feat that originally had Jian Chen beaten to death… Err… Joking 🙂
    Thanks for the chapter and welcome to Crimsonguard!

  2. Welcome Crimsonguard! 😀 So glad you joined the team. Don’t let etvo the Fluffeh Celestial Princess work you to death~ we can’t you disappear ^-^ while the others have lives during the summer.

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