♔ SOTR Chapter 190 ♔

EGADS. Chapter 190 already?

Edited by: Lem0nPEEL

First regular release of the week! I’m sure everyone knows what’s coming up… mass release time to celebrate another hundred chapters! This time however, I’ve learned from my lesson last time. I will not be promising a certain number of chapters and thus kill both me and my entire team of editors trying to get to it when real life crops up.

PSA: I run on no stockpile for both SOTR and GDK. I publish SOTR at least 7x a week and GDK ~4x a week. I have a third unwanted child called Lazurite who finally got an update two months later, mostly because I’ve been focusing on one of my game commissions. The client is breathing down my neck and I need to get some serious work done before I move back to the States!

Which leaves PSA #2: Folks, moving back to the States and starting new job in mid August, so please expect turbulent times!

However, there shall be a mass release! No idea how many and when the train will stop, but hype train!

And, I’m thinking of doing some small event to celebrate 200 chapters, but am getting stuck on what to do for prizes. Any ideas all? Speaking of goodies — my wonderful Patrons of a certain tier and above may be getting a small surprise in the next few weeks… 😀

<3 etvo

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