♔ SOTR Chapter 189 ♔

I had a fantastic weekend, how was yours?

Edited by: Jafz

And maybe a lil too much fun this weekend… 😀 This chapter is brought to us courtesy of the wonderful Count Grey! Many happy returns to you and I hope everyone enjoys reading!

Meanwhile. I froth at the mouth waiting for Pokemon Go to be released in Asia…

<3 etvo

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      1. so what? That etvo is a girl was something I’ve only recently learned during the male/female posts, however the reference here is all about pikachu and how I fell for them, nothing to do with etvo gender….

  1. Apparently, there’s a fake GPS for Pokemon…… That’s how Korean users are playing pokemon…… apparently… never tried it.

    And also, I think I can guess what etvolare’s personality in this chapter…

    “Snip snip… huh huh?” – Lol

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