♔ SOTR Chapter 186 ♔

Sooo dead on my feet

Edited by: Lem0nPEEL

Last regular chapter of the week! Took my family to watch the 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic and oh. my. gosh. I was absolutely blown away. Stunning performance, and it still boggles the mind how they managed to pull off what I swear was a full symphony performance with 12 cellists! I haven’t enjoyed a music performance that much in quite a while!

Meanwhile… Pokemon Go in Asia in the next 48 hours? AH!!!! But hey, I got a Sandshrew in the 30 min they were up on Sunday. Apparently they’re rare in the States? 😀


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  1. thnx for the chap.
    if anyone who has started pokemon go and wants a pikachu as the first pokemon , there is a way you can do it.
    when you are given the choice to choose between the 3 type burbasaur, charmander and that tutrtle one , just ignore it and walk forward.after walking some distance u will be again given choice topick one but this time there will be 4 choices and the fourth choice will be pikachu.

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