♔ SOTR Chapter 185 ♔

I was so darned productive today.

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I’m so proud of myself. Polished off 21 pages for the computer game I’m super behind on, finished off a chapter of a novel I hadn’t updated in two months. Cooked dinner. …half a chapter of something else. Omg. Maybe I wasn’t as productive as I thought. *goes cries*

By the way, shout out to UNT students! Kidyeon is attending UNT and you might see him on the next post? 😀

But guys, I’ll strive really hard to still keep up 7 chapters a week when I start working. I really enjoy translating SOTR and it flies by for me now that I’ve really gotten into the groove of things. 😀

<3 etvo

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Btw, your website is down for now? It was unstable for quite sometimes now. And i really miss GDK! ???

    Not sure if im missing some announcement or anything because normally i saved the chap in reading mode via firefox, enlighten me please

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