♔ SOTR Chapter 184 ♔

First regular chapter of the week!

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In lieu of the usual witty banter today (I like to think I’m funny anyhow. XP), I bring to you guys neeeews. Remember the various random times in which I’d go on interviews? Thank you all for the well wishes by the way, your support was wonderful. I’ve finally accepted a job offer that I like! Hilariously enough, it’s bringing me straight back to the States — I’m going back to my beloved East Coast! Funny how life works out eh?

This move will be happening in mid August and I’ll be working full time then. What this means schedule wise is that I may not be able to keep up the 7x a week schedule, with the occasional double release, simply because real life is more pressing. I’ll certainly try, and it helps that SOTR’s author has consistent chapter length so I know what to expect. But I’m grievously behind on a computer game that I have to translate for a paying client so… euro! Just for the record, SOTR is officially on a 3x a week schedule, but I kinda got into the habit of 7x a week for a while. 😀

And, FYI. Ren solemnly says that 牛逼 should be translated as cow pussy (yes, if we are going super literal character translation, sure). Direct quote, “That’s a freaking cow pussy idea!”







Alright. If you say so man. XD


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  1. You should come live me and let this daddy take care of you. That way you don’t have to worry about a job so you could translate all day long!

  2. Congrats on getting hired 😀 I like Ren’s translation better btw 😛

    Assuming we go 3 chapters/week from this point on:
    (2370 total chapters – (184 chapters released)) / (3 chapters * 52 weeks)
    14 years!!!!!!!!!
    ….I hate my life…..

  3. ……. gotta start learning chinese :/ thanks for the chapter. Im happy you have a job and at the same time sad that sotr translations are gonna be 3x a week ?

  4. congratulations on your new job – happy to know that you have a new job – meanwhile here i am stuck in my computer haha –

    it will be too lonely to have 3 chapters a week but its cool i hope you can still surprise us with a treat of double or triple releases from time to time 😀 i really like reading this series –

    meanwhile ill try to comprehend learning chinese –

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