♔ SOTR Chapter 183 ♔

My naming sense is the best!

Edited by: Lem0nPEEL

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In all seriousness though, I really suck at names (lady reader #7, you get the one you wanted!). It’s been long documented and I’ve often required help from my good friend Deceptioning to help come up with early names. It also doesn’t help that SOTR author’s naming sense is rather er… uninspired as well. XD

#11 – omg etvo just discovered how to download Pokemon Go whilst her main Apple ID was still tied to Apple music. Farewell world. Farewell etvo. AKA Pokemon Go!

Yes, that was a long title. XD

<3 etvo

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  1. #7: Muahahahaha I knew I would get the title. After all, there is a reason why vengeance is always my favorite part in stories. >:D

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Considering you have neither responded to my comment on the previous chapter nor rectified the mistake I find myself forced to repeat my request. If people are of the opinion that I’m using a sledgehammer to crack nuts, at least consider the reasons I have listed.

    In chapter 182 you have used the line:

    “Was this the Miss Dan Fei who was slightly OCD about cleanliness?”

    I would like to ask, once again, that you change OCD with something more appropriate. Rikirie has proposed “fastidious” which seems quite good in this instance.

    OCD is under no circumstances applicable in this case for the following reasons:
    * The way it is used is as the internet slang that was a misinterpretation of the actual disease.
    * Using this word in general ensures that the lives of people with the disease are more difficult considering they taken less serious because of it. In other words, considering a translation should always try to be as neutral and objective as possible, you are ostracising and disrespecting an entire demographic for no good reason. In fact, you gain absolutely nothing by using it.
    * Had you actually looked up symptoms you would have seen that Dan Fei certainly does not have OCD.
    * Furthermore, it is an acronym meant for a medical context that is not present in that world, thus even if she was, it’s doubtful if that was a good translation anyway.
    * Using acronyms in a translation should only be done if it can’t be avoided or the previous meaning has been often enough repeated for it to be clear. There are probably plenty people that don’t know what OCD stands for, and a lot more that know the actual disease. In using it you’re hampering the readability of the text, something a translator shouldn’t do.
    * RWX, Deathblade and others have always tried to give a translation with a very high quality. Using a word like this in a context where people like them quarrel and ponder over what is more appropriate of two correct translations shows a disrespect towards them, wuxiaworld and the people that try to give quality translations with wuxiaworld as example in general.

    So while it might be that I’m enlarging it much more than it should be, if left unnoticed it could be a predecent for more such unfortunate things and could lead to degradation of translations.
    I don’t say you did this intentionally nor do I blame you in any way. But I hope you rectify this.

    Thank you.

    1. I feel like you’re making a bigger deal out of this than it needs to be. If people can handle an MC who was beaten to death for farting, they can probably handle OCD being used to emphasize how out of character Dan Fei was acting.

      Besides, do we even know if the original text said OCD, or something else? If the author said OCD and etvolare translated it faithfully, would you still demand she change it? If she did, she would then be violating the section you wrote about accurately translating the author’s words. There are plenty of authors who use modern terminology when writing their works. This isn’t exactly a period piece, where everything must be historically accurate. Besides, they could very well have OCD in their world. We just don’t know.

      I do not believe that this use of OCD is ostracizing or degrading in any way. OCD was not described as an affliction only bad people have, or a harmless condition. People with OCD are not being belittled or told to go die in a fire. A fictitious character is described as being ‘slightly OCD about cleanliness’ no more and no less. No judgement, just a statement.

      Personally, I believe it’s people like you who do a disservice to those with serious illnesses and conditions. You’ve latched onto something totally innocent and have decided to cry bloody murder about the grave injustices perpetuated by people who just don’t seem to understand just how seriously offensive they are. 90% of the people reading your comments will just be alienated and associate your overblown response with what ever you are trying to defend. You may have good intentions, but you are not helping your cause.

      If this seems harsh, consider this: my little sister has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is an Autism Spectrum disorder. She had to go to a school for years that specializes in helping those with slight to profound mental and/or physical conditions. As it stands, I’m going to have to be her legal guardian for the foreseeable future. Over the years, I’ve met hundreds of people with a wide range of disabilities, and most of them aren’t concerned with being discriminated against: they’re too busy trying to be the best person that they can. They’re working hard every day to learn how to perform a new task, or function in a less self-destructive way.

      There are plenty of outreach groups, filled with dedicated parents and friends of those with disabilities, that do their best to eliminate unjustified discrimination. This brief, inoffensive mention of OCD? Not even a blip on their radar, because you’re really having to stretch to call it a discriminatory and offensive comment.

      If I’ve offended you, then I’m sorry that you’ve been hurt by the truth. You are welcome to try and debate your point with me, but I’m not about to change my position on this subject.

      tl;dr: OCD was used in correct, inoffensive context.

      Edit: Just in case anyone has never been exposed to the term OCD and was too lazy to google it, OCD stands for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. It’s a real condition with varying levels of severity. Please check this link for more information.

      Edit 2: RWX, I’m not trying to make trouble here. My goal is to educate through discussion of facts. I’ll stop if you ask or give up if it gets out of hand.

    2. Hi Black,

      My apologies! I haven’t been checking the chapter comments as much (I usually stop checking a few hours after posting, whereas I usually run through all the announcement comments because there’s a lot fewer of them). I’ve gotten used to readers contacting me on Discord with any mistakes/typos so I rarely check chapter comments after a few hours. I generally am very responsive on Discord and email, so something is gravely wrong if I haven’t responded within 24 hours, just an FYI for everyone in the future.

      In fact, the raws do use “潔癖” –> which is OCD in Chinese. Had the author wanted to use a term with less severity, he would’ve written “愛乾淨” –> which would be simply “likes to be clean”. Chinese authors tend to throw in modern concepts when they write (ie. illnesses identified in modern times such as OCD), sometimes to more accurately convey the notion they want to communicate and sometimes for more relevance to their audience. Asian society tends to be less PC as a whole because this mindset hasn’t really made its way to Asian society (gross generalization here, but I feel comfortable in painting this broad stroke because hey, I grew up here and currently live in Taiwan), so they’re comfortable flinging around words/illnesses to describe general behavior. In this case though, I’d agree with Count Grey that this likely was employed to highlight how Dan Fei had departed from her normal behavior.

      In my quest to stay accurate and faithful to the raws I hadn’t considered the implications of how being too accurate to the raws would affect others. For that I do apologize. Whereas I can’t speak for the author, but I at least had no intention of making anyone uncomfortable or offending anyone with my thoughtlessness. I will certainly consider substituting in fastidious, it’s a fabulous suggestion from Rikirie.

      I am however, saddened by the implied connotations that I spend less effort debating word usage or put forth products of lesser quality than my fellow brethren on WW. I take tremendous pride and put forth enormous effort in my work, and really view SOTR as a culmination of all my language comprehension and literary skills. I enjoy SOTR so much partially because it gives me an opportunity to put out such high, flowery quality. I keep to my release schedule at all costs, whether it be sacrificing sleep, some social events, or good ole zoning out time.

      Friends, there may not be a chapter today. I’ve gotten in the habit of releasing even when the queue isn’t filled but I may not be feeling it today.

      1. No worries. You consistently translate high-quality chapters, you just added a bunch of new series to your site, and you do it all while balancing your day to day life. An incident like this can be very disheartening. Take some time for yourself: just remember that you have a lot of people who think you’re great! I hope the rest of your weekend is more enjoyable 🙂

      2. I topped off the queue. Please don’t feel pressured to release a bonus chapter, I did it as a gesture of goodwill and support. Good luck with Pokemon Go!

  3. Careful with GO, servers are shit, and gym battle are next to impossible, as most of the time, the defending pokemon can not be reduced below 1 hp, but will continue to wreck your team

  4. Uhm wauw x’D that’s quite a mouthfull. Could you Make a shorter Version for non-offical stuf? X’D
    That would Be awesome.

    -xxx- aine (aka #11 (aka someting really Long and about downloading Pokémon Go x’D))

      1. Yes, the shorter version is Pokemon Go (with a hidden title of ‘etvolare the translating Pokemon trainer’) 😀

        … I really suck at names lol.

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