♔ SOTR Chapter 182 ♔

Happy to report that I haven’t been blown away in the typhoon!

Edited by: Lem0nPEEL

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I’ve been in closed door translating thanks to the typhoon raging outside my windows, but I’m only partially pleased with my results. Lady reader #4! Your title is – etvo, stop playing League damnit! XD I’ve been a bit distracted by mother nature howling up a storm outside though, pictures after the jump for typical measures taken to protect against a typhoon!

Gobs of tape on windows to prevent them from blowing in.

Sandbags to prevent flooding.

And whatever you do, don’t venture outside!

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  1. #4- etvo, stop playing League damnit! Reporting! I must say that your uhm naming sense is *coughs* one of a kind.

    All hail Fluffeh Celestial Princess!

  2. I’m surprised you’re connected to net in such weather. They’re usually broke on me when there’s only some hard rain.
    Well, as long as there’s fun indoor with your computer you can always ignore the weather outside though! Still I do wonder whether you still have electricity with such extreme weather!

  3. Good to hear that you made it through the storm in one piece.

    Your naming sense is pretty unique. What does a guy have to do to get one? For reference, my past nicknames included:

    1) Grandpa – Because I was way too practical and serious in high school. At a great party? Have to go at 10pm, I need my sleep. Play newest video game with the guys all night? Nope, have that big test tomorrow, have to study. Date night on a weekday? What is wrong with you, you know we have to be at school by 6:30am for practice, right? Got a lot of strange looks, but also good grades which lead to scholarships, and the teachers let me get away with so much crap because I was a good student. Not teacher’s pet, but favorite student.

    2) Auschwitz Boy – Because I’m crazy thin, always hungry, and enjoy a good dark joke. Oddly enough I’m not even Jewish, and a couple of Jewish friends came up with the name.

    3) The Tutor – I was the only smart guy on the football team that would take the time to help the other guys out with their homework, which in turn meant that I had really dedicated blockers every time I had the ball. The coaches were so happy that none of the players had to miss games due to poor grader putting them on the academic probation list, but they were so upset that the guys wouldn’t block even half as well when anyone else had the ball.

  4. You have to wonder about people’s sensibilities. Going out with an umbrella in a typhoon? Really? Wearing a poncho or plastic bag would be 100% more effective.

  5. Wow I’m really glad you made it out all right, I would really really miss new chapt-I mean you! <3
    I'm glad I probably won't ever had a chance to go through someghing like that but then… in a way… I'm still currious to experience it heh .)

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