♔ SOTR Chapter 180 ♔

Okay okay I stand corrected!

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There are a grand total of 20 female readers thus far! (Guys, ratio becoming better! :D) Yanno, does everyone remember what they numbered off as? We should give out titles. Like:

#1: The Intrepid Farter

#2: The Skinny Fatty

#3: The Silly ex-King-still-waiting-for-grandfather-to-emerge

Wait, you guys don’t like my titles? Buh, buh… XD

<3 etvo

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  1. I think there’s even more of us just lurking and loving the new chapters so they don’t have to sign in and stuff, perhaps create a poll with the options of male or female?

  2. Well, I was #7. Just don’t give me a bad title, or I won’t talk to you for awhile. >.> (lol jk jk. I really don’t care. Though i do think you could come up with some better titles…)

  3. I’m number 11 :p
    And female wierdo quite Fits me once you get to know me XD but i’m really curious what kind of title etvo wil give me ():D

    Oh and fun fact i am indeed single (and can’t say i dislike the idea of An reverse harem muhahahaha 😉 )

    -xxx- aine

    1. Or maybe i’m just a Gay dude Who wants to create a Gay harem.
      And who somehow knew the harem stuf would happen and that’s why i lied about being a female D:

      Lol JK i am a female i just Have wierd thoughts (brain creation thinggies) like the one you just Read XD

  4. I wonder how many accounts has been created, for those to ‘announce’ their prescence ever since etvo started using her ‘scientific way’ of counting females xD

  5. I started the poll (never thought it would develop so much! Go, silent female readers!) and named you Etvo as number one! ‘The Intrepid Farter’? Is that really a name you’d give to yourself? x’D

    I’m ok with Skinny Fatty for me! xD or the Intrepid Skinny Fatty! We could be the Intrepid Lady Readers/Practitionners!

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