♔ SOTR Chapter 179 ♔

Eek! Here was yesterday’s chapter!

Edited by: Studmonster!

Pardon all, had a minor scheduling snafu that resulted in a delayed yesterday’s chapter. thank you Studmonster for stepping in!

And now, friends. I really was joking about a WW matchmaking service. I mean really, don’t all go emailing Ren to sign up for the new service now. XD I think I’d die laughing if Ren asked me just what the heck did I start in my announcement posts. 😛 And please, there’s only 15 SOTR female readers. The ratio is awful for the guys.


<3 etvo

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  1. No! No! No! Evto, don’t worry. You have another female reader. Let me humbly be number 16. ? Btw, I love ur translations and really enjoyed my wife is a CEO. ?

  2. Im number 17 then! I wasn’t planning on commenting, but I’m so happy to hear that there are other female readers+translator! I’m not the only one ? I always thought that I was such a weirdo, living a double life reading these novels/mangas. Thank you!!

  3. Thanks for the chapter etvo and all the work that you do! I love SOTR and all the political back stabbing, face throwing, mind blowing that goes on in this light novel 😀
    p.s I’ll be the 18th female reader then!

  4. The die had been cast. With but an utterance, the Lightning Sage Etvolare had thrust the denizens of Wuxiaworld into the WWWW. The lands of Overlord Ren were doomed for chaos, for devastation; no matter how the enlightened sorceress tried, she could do nothing to stop the dawn of war. The arrow had left the bow!

  5. Etvo

    I’m afraid i’m not eligible for the WW match-making service so whatever the total of beautiful lady readers there are, you’ll have to deduct one from the list.

    there’s match-making services for specific groups already in existence eg Christian Mingle etc so REN, why the heck not one specifically for wuxia/xianxia readers LOL

  6. Like my friends say when there is more guys than girls when we go out “aquí hay puro tornillo” jajajaja i remember the first time that happened because we bought the drink of doom tonayan jajajaja never drink that if you dont want to have the hangover of your nightmares jajajaja

  7. If the ratio’s bad for a matchmaking service, why don’t we make a dating reality tv show instead! Each week one girl and 12 guys are picked, and then we let the bloodbath begin…

    1. Just like Song Clan matchmaking show, I agree with this.

      Thanks to Etvo, female readers finally come out and started to comment, make comment sections more active <3

  8. Another girl for the count! I suppose that makes me…No. 21?

    Finally caught up with this series, started reading once I saw the entertaining announcement posts. Love the story, and thanks for the translations!

  9. Thanks for another great chapter.
    Lol, the match making thing would only work if you did it like a reality TV show as someone said earlier, or the guys are willing to share and the girls are willing to be shared… Or both… I don’t see how it could possibly go wrong XD (aside from the fact that there’s no one who’d want a fat girl that looks like a living corpse)

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