♔ SOTR Chapter 177 ♔

Wot? WW matchmaking services?

Edited by: Lem0nPEEL!

Oh dear, it seems that I may have unintentionally started a new thing at WW! XD All of fifteen ladies up for grabs guys, put on your best show for them!

Additionally, anyone so bored enough as to keep track of memes? I wasn’t aware that mine were that memorable, but some readers are expressing sadness that they never got to see the Pikini — so if anyone wants to start a thread or something for it in the WW forums, please let me know and I’ll link to it!

And in other news, it seems that summer is a horrid time to try to get editing for a surprise double release. Ahs well, just means that chapter will have to come… when I wake up in a few hours! 😀 (Sorry Berryducky! ><)

<3 etvo

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  1. Hey, it’s the thought that matters. The fact that you tried just goes to show that you truly do care about us readers, and our horrible addictions. I just want to say thank you for feeding our addiction.

  2. Whoops, can you imagine several couples sitting under tree shade, only to refresh feverishly for newest update and commenting. Welcome to WW matchmaking services!

  3. And with but a word, the WWWW (Short for Wuxiaworld War of Wives), had begun!!!

    But what of the aforementioned fifteen, what say they?

    That is a story yet to unfold upon these screens of battle.

  4. What? Who allowed editors to have a life? Aren’t they supposed to be chained in the basement? I’m willing to let them go for a walk if they’re good and work hard on releases, but my poor anxious soul after w8ting for double release that never came… 😐

    Thx for the chapter Etvo&Lemon! 🙂

    Ah I’m glad no.16 was left out, now I can sit and enjoy the show. Are there gonna be bunny costumes? Ah no, thats to boring, pikachu costume it is!

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