♔ SOTR Chapter 173 ♔

I counted nine female readers in the last announcement!

Woot woot!

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Fantastic point in that my use of *giggle* gives my gender away. I hadn’t realized that my other comments did so as well though. 😀 Loved the comments on how being a translator transcended gender. I’m at the peak of the translating spirit realm? 😀

<3 etvo

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  1. hi, thanks for the chapter!!! uhm.. you once have mentioned in a teaser about people asking for your bikini pics, which actually gives away your gender, i think. 😉

  2. Not gonna lie, but, it never really mattered to me what your gender is. If you’re doing a good job, and, more importantly, enjoying it, then what else matters? I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have put in to this. I truly enjoy your translations and wish you many more years of success. Or, at least, for as long as you continue to translate.

    1. Since xuanhuan & xianxia are targeted towards the male audience ( although there are those that target females ) it is very rare to find female readers, much less translator. I’m not refuting you or anything, in fact I agree with you, but I’m just saying lol.

    1. hey!

      you’re “a mythical creature that is believed to have the body of a troll and the magical horn of a unicorn on its forehead”.

      pretending to be a lobster … you troll you 🙂

      1. Do not make me, your mother, reprimand you in public! It is not nice to point fingers and call people trolls.

        Also I believe that the correct term is humanoid who baits people on the internet into arguments :p

          1. Love always!

            PS – remember to take out the trash on tuesdays and to call uncle bob once in a while.

  3. Hmm…? I thought that it was pretty obvious, based on previous posts. Anyways, as has been stated, a translator’s gender is irrelevant. Only their competence is important. I’ve enjoyed the story and your translation hasn’t detracted from it–that’s what matters. Thank you again for translating and I look forward to more of your work.

  4. True, a translators gender doesn’t matter, and I know many readers are females… but Xianxia fics are usually pretty misogynistic in how they’re written (with how it talks about female roles and the MCs are often Males with harems, and most of the females are just there to be raped or stuck in attempted rape), so I’m sure most people would assume you’re male.

    But it is wonderful that there are more females openly in the community and translating such great works.

    Lots love XD

    1. Well there might be that too but there are also the other type if you noticed the women who have a wicked heart always end up in a horrible position like that elder that jang saved all that followed her and we’re like her ended up in that kind of thing but one of them had a pure heart or at least you can say a true heart she left them and followed jang now look at her and where she is right now from a mere 3rd rate kingdom she is now in a first rate kingdom that I think by her self would have never been able to go to in her life and her cultivation increased dramatically now some would think how this is related but think this if her heart was wicked or if she wanted to make use of him or like the real world wanted to go with him purely for benefits then jang would have never ever accepted her or allowed her to be anywhere near him so some could be enjoying that some might be here cause they like the story and etc. This may be targeted towards males and whatnot but a good story is always enjoyed by all I mean who of us if they find some children story but it’s really a good one won’t enjoy it? So in the end to the females reading this of all age type welcome to the world of badassery, cultivation, feels (lots of those like loootttsss) and what we all have in common enjoying a great story that makes our imagination go wild.

  5. I don’t mind you are a woman or a man.
    I just want my SOTR chapters! :p

    By the way, thanks a lot for your very good work, Etvolare & Team Editors. 🙂

  6. Awww 1 wanted to Be number one :'( ohwell i gues dubbel number one (11) is also good (or maybe even better x’D).
    Hehe. Love the chapters btw :3
    Also for me the harts Made me think :p

    <3 Aine

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