♔ SOTR Chapter 172 ♔

Briefly contemplated a strike..

Edited by: Lem0nPEEL!

After all, someone did get my gender wrong in the comments? But it does my heart good to see all of five female SOTR readers! <3 Girl power! Hahaha.

I think I’d like to go into closed door sleeping cultivation now…

<3 etvo

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  1. Thanks for the chapter 🙂

    The people who assume etvolare’s a guy are awful: how can they still be so oblivious? Just read some of etvolare’s comments and it becomes pretty clear.

    Also, I’m sad that there are only 6 girls reading SOTR. I know there are more out there! I wonder if Ren would consider running a poll to see who exactly is reading on this site, and which series they follow most closely?

      1. I suspect the series that update more often would have greater viewership numbers. Maybe there should be a section asking about why people read certain series, like interesting mc, good translation quality, good writing, and so on.

        1. Mmm that could be. I just feel asking why people read certain series might not get accurate results. Just asking what they read (and maybe gender) should be easier.

          1. I don’t mean to suggest that there should be a ‘type your own answer’ section, but including a list of options to choose from wouldn’t be too difficult.

    1. YES WE DO! it makes us more fearsome on the battlefield, never underestimate the power of a fearsome wargiggle

      If you use a war shout, the enemy might hesitate, and you might rally your troops, but the soft slightly lopsided smile that accompany the wargiggle can make your foes truly fear you and run away…

  2. Translators are divine beings, that are beyond petty things like gender. I will however accept that this translator prior to her acceding was of the female variety.

    Gender stop mattering so much when you have the power to transform into any life form at will

  3. seems i missed an odd guessing game?

    but i’ll mention i always had a feeling that you were more of a girl.

    and i’ll sign myself up as a non-binary sort of gender.

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