♔ SOTR Chapter 152 ♔

A chapter in its unedited glory!

Edited by: huehuehue

It’s really an unedited chapter guys — one editor is MIA, one is on vacation, one is doing a summer internship, and one is asleep as they properly should be. If you can’t abide unedited nonsense, please check again in twelve hours! I’m also not the most coherent right now since it’s 1 am… ><

However! One thing I’d like to share is that this weekend has been a national holiday in Taiwan, the Mid Autumn Festival! Often celebrate with dragon boat racing, this weekend’s been filled with lots of noms and well, a torrential amount of rain in Taiwan. Not sure what’s going on there…

<3 etvo

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  1. man if you need an editor to help you just say it! you can contact me here and i can be a free editor if this can help you release a bit faster! ^^ and thanx for your work!

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